SRO LIVE (Montana) is an artist-friendly publishing business ...

We develop, promote and record singer-songwriters and other artists, including authors, film directors and every genre of fine artist.



Discover our unique approach to developing and promoting the careers of new and established artists.

e develop, r
ecord and publish their live performances, readings and exhibitions before
audiences in a network of proprietary theaters.
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SRO LIVE (Montana)  is an artist-friendly business specializing in publishing and recording live events in its historical network of proprietary theaters.

The Rialto Theater 
     (Bozeman, Montana)

After a successful re-opening on April 25, 2013, the Rialto is now hosting promoters, artists, musicians, business and community organizations, as well as individuals and families who desire an intimate, full service setting to celebrate their special event.

The Rialto offers 200 seats, a dance floor, high quality sound and lighting systems, full service catering, and many other amenities to support all kinds of special events. Even weddings!

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